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Party mix (CD) 2012

1. Move (T Asikainen, PGM)

2. I wanna go dancing  (T Asikainen, PGM)

3. Rally (J Moijanen, PGM)

4. Party, party (J Moijanen, PGM)

5. I hit the road (J Kangas, J Moijanen, PGM)

6. Stalker (J Moijanen, PGM)

7. Hey stranger (J Moijanen, PGM)

8. X-mas-bikibi-wax (T Asikainen, PGM)

9. Reindeers are coming to get you (T Asikainen ja J Kangas, J Moijanen PGM)

10. Yes, this is christmas (T Asikainen, PGM)

11. Santa's sitting in a bar (J Moijanen, PGM)


Love and Pain (CD) 2010

1. Daisy (J Kangas, J Moijanen, PGM)

2. I Feel Free (T Asikainen, J Moijanen, PGM)

3. Black Rain (J Kangas, J Moijanen, PGM)

4. Love And Pain (J Moijanen, PGM)

5. Blessing (J Moijanen, PGM)


Ghost (CD and video) 2006

The Ghost Story

Bottle Again

Sea of emotion

Breath in


Nobodys song


Loysy Lies (CD) 2002


No No

Hold Me

Plastic Cool


If you feel it (CD) 2001

If you feel it






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